To protect and advance the rights of property owners and residents of the Inverness area ...

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*** Latest Issues ***

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You can view the zoning regulations that apply to Brocks Boathouse (Lauch For Hire) by Clicking right here.

Current County Notices before the Inverness Association for review:

And here is a history compiled by Elisabeth Ptak of pertinent events concering the boathouse.
View it by Clicking right here.

And you can view the Deed Restrictions that are currently in effect by Clicking right here.

If you clicked above you discovered that the original Deed Restrictions document is pretty darned hard to read. So you can read Marty Howards summary of them by Clicking right here.

Some good reasons to join The Inverness Association can be can be viewed and enjoyed by Clicking right here.

Check out the excellent article on Sudden Oak Death that appeared in the most recent Inverness Association newsletter The Bagpiper by Clicking here.

Gallery of Inverness Area Photographs

From the Inverness Association Bylaws:
The purposes of this Association are to protect and advance the rights and interest of property owners and residents of the Inverness area and to collect and expend funds for the construction and maintenance of trails, bridges, parks and beaches and for the protection and promotion of the Inverness area, community and Tomales Bay in accordance with the expressed desires of its property owners and residents.


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